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鳥取 河原城 Kawaharajo Kawahara Castle in Tottori

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Kawahara Castle with the three-story donjon stands on top of the hill along the Sendai River in Kawahara-cho, Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture. The castle was constructed in 1994 as the landmark to call attention to the town. The castle site was where Toyotomi Hideyoshi pitched a camp in 1580, when he made an attack on Tottori province.

The castle is now used as a museum, where the documents and materials concerning the city’s traditional handicrafts, history, culture and legends are displayed.

From the observation deck on the top floor (115 m above the sea level), you can command a panoramic view of the Chugoku mountain range, the Sendai River, Tottori Plain and Tottori Sand Dune in the far north. The hill where the castle is located is arranged into Kawahara Park, where about 1,000 plum trees and other trees such as cherry trees, Satsuki azaleas and Japanese maple trees entertain the visitors with seasonal colors.

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1011 Hitotsugi, Tani, Kawahara-cho, Tottori, Tottori Prefecture, Japan
Kawahara Castle

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