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Bujoji Temple located in Chizu-cho, Yazu-gun, Tottori Prefecture is a temple of the Shingon sect. It was founded during the Kasho era (845-851) in the Heian period by the priest Shinga, an apprentice of Kobodaishi Kukai. It was once composed of many temple buildings including 6 sub-temples, but was destroyed by fire in a battle during the Warring States period (1493-1573). The present building was built in some era after the mid-Edo period.

Together with Daisenji and Mitokusan Sanbutsuji temples, Bujoji Temple was one of the three principal temples of the Shingon sect in this area, where the initiation of the esoteric Buddhism was given to the successors. The temple used to possess the depicted images of Fuken Bosatsu (a National Treasure) and Ryuyo Kannon (a National Important Cultural Property) in Kenpon-Chakushoku style (silk-based colored picture), which are now housed at Tokyo National Museum.

The 600-year-old huge cedar tree in the precinct is a prefecturally designated Natural Monument.

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73 Oaza Niimi, Chizu-cho, Yazu-gun, Tottori Prefecture, Japan 689-1400
Bujoji Temple

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