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高台寺庭園 Koudai-ji Teien Kodaiji Garden

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Kodaiji Garden (Higashiyama in Kyoto City), which was recently restored by a contemporary master gardener, Yasuo Kitayama, had originally been designed by the renowned gardener Kobori Enshu, who designed many famous gardens in the early Edo period. The garden had been left ill-maintained for a long time before Kitayama’s restoration. “Before I got to work,” says Kitayama, “I thought about what ideas Kobori Enshu had wanted to represent in this garden.” If you stroll along the paths in the garden, you will notice everywhere his thoughtful consideration for the visitors to feel as if they are embraced by the nature. Above all, the most impressive is the garden surrounding Kaisan-do Hall with two ponds, which is filled with tranquil beauty. The best seasons are in fall, when the line of autumn leaves continues to the foot of Mt. Higashiyama, and in April, when cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Kodaiji Temple is also known as the first temple in Kyoto that puts on a night time light-up show during the limited time of the year. A lot of tourists visit this temple to enjoy the fantastic night garden. Kitayama is also responsible for directing this light-up show.


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526 Shimogahara-choKodaijiHigashiyama-kuKyoto 605-0825Japan
Kodaiji Temple

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