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千代川 Sendaigawa The Sendai River

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The Sendai River flows in the eastern part of Tottori Prefecture. It has the largest watershed area and is the second longest river in the prefecture. The river springs out of Mt. Okinoyama in the Chugoku Mountains, then flows to the north joined by several tributary rivers, runs through the central part of the Tottori Plain, and finally pours into the Sea of Japan.

It is well known that Tottori Sand Dunes have been formed by the one hundred thousand years of sediment of sand that was carried by the wind and the Sendai River. The prefecture’s largest pond, Koyamaike Pond, was also formed by the sedimentation of the Sendai River and the resulting extension of the sand dunes. It can be said that the Sendai River is the mother river that has created the representative scenic spots of the prefecture.

As the Sendai River is famous for Ayu fishing, a lot of anglers come to enjoy fishing all through the year. There being few artificial structures built in this river, it is a popular place for canoeing, too.

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Tottori Prefecture, Japan
The Sendai River

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