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柳津虚空蔵尊 Yanaizu-koukuzo-son Yanaizu Kokuzoson

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Yanaizu Kokuzoson is a temple in Tsuyama-cho Yanaizu, Tome City, Miyagi Prefecture. The principal object of worship is the image of Kokuzo Bosatsu, the deity of happiness and wisdom. Together with Fukuman Kokuzoson at Enzoji Temple in Yanaizu-machi, Fukushima Prefecture and the one at Shokoan Temple in Yanai City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, this Kukuzoson is counted as one of Japan’s Three Finest Kokuzoson.
Walking along the front approach lined with old cedar trees and passing through the Sanmon Gate, You will find the superb complex of temple buildings. According to the temple’s official history, it was founded in 726, when Priest Gyoki, who had been traveling all over the country preaching and carrying out civil engineering works, visited this place and carved out the image of Kokuzo Bosatsu, praying for peace and stability of the country. The statues of Daikokuten and Bishamonten on both sides of the principal image are said to have been carved by Kobodaishi Kukai.
In the precinct are places called the Seven Wonders, which include “Shizuku no Sakura (Dewy Cherry Tree),” a cherry tree that looks wet even on a fine day, and “Tamakobu no Keyaki,” a zelkova tree with knots.

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Aza-Oyanaizu, Yanaizu, Tsuyama-cho, Tome, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan 986-0401
Yanaizu Kokuzoson

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