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北上川 Kitakami-gawa The Kitakami River

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The Kitakami River, running south from Iwate Prefecture to Miyagi Prefectures and flowing into the Pacific Ocean, is the longest river in the Tohoku region. It has a total length of 249 km and a watershed area of 10,150 sq m. As it has a moderate inclination for a river in this country, it was used for transporting rice to Edo (present-day Tokyo) in the Edo period (1603-1868). Today, main transportation facilities such as National Route 4, the Tohoku Express Highway and the JR Tohoku Line run along the river.

The upstream of the Kitakami River is the habitat of sweetfish and Yamame trout, while Japanese dace and Barbel steed can be seen in the deep water. Taking aim at these fish, great white egrets and grey herons, which are the largest species of birds in Japan, and common kingfishers, which look like beautiful gem stones, make their appearance on the riverside. In October, salmon swim all the way from the North Pacific Ocean up to the central part of Morioka City for spawning.

Flowing affluently, the Kitakami River has been and supporting the life of people in the watershed areas and nurturing numerous living species since the ancient times.

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Iwate Prefecture / Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
The Kitakami River

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