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山梨 丹波渓谷 Yamanashi Taba-keikoku Taba Gorge

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Taba Gorge is located in the upstream of the Taba River running through Tabayama-mura, Kita-Tsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture. As the headstream of the Tama River, the gorge prides itself on plentiful water. There are a lot of scenic spots such as the continuing strange rocks along the rapid stream of Nametoro and Oiranbuchi (Oiran Abyss), which is pertaining to a tragic legend in the Warring States period (1493-1573).

Legend has it that once there was a gold mine near the gorge, which had been the financial source for the Takeda clan. However, when the Takeda forces were defeated by the Oda and Tokugawa allied forces in 1575, they closed the gold mine to keep it secret. To prevent the secret from getting out through the prostitutes working in the mine, they ordered the young girls to dance on the hanging bridge and killed them by cutting the suspending ivy while they were dancing. Oiran Abyss is now a famous psychic spot.

There are no walking trails arranged along the gorge, so visitors will view it from the observatories and the tea houses on the national road, Route 411. The whole mountains and water surface are dyed with crimson foliage in early fall. In the vicinity are Nomekoi-yu Bath House of Tabayama Hot Springs and the 247 m slide, which is the longest in the country. Here, in Taba Gorge, adults and children can spend a magnificent day all together.

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Tabayama-mura, Kita-Tsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan 409-0300
Taba Gorge

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