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北海道 余市川 Hokkaidou Yoichi-gawa The Yoichi River

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The Yoichi River, which flows out of Mt. Yoichdake, runs 50 km through the rural area of Yoichi County in Hokkaido and pours into the Sea of Japan. The word “Yoich” originates in the Ainu word “i-ot-i,” meaning “a place where snakes live,” which was collapsed into “yoiti” by Wajin (Japanese from Honshu), and kanji “yo (余)” and “ichi (市)” were applied to it.

The Yoich River is famous as the northernmost river where Ayu (sweetfish) inhabit and also as the river where salmon swim upstream for spawning. Fascinated by the idea of the northernmost Ayu fishing, a lot of anglers come to enjoy fishing in this scenic river. At Ayu fishing ground about 4 km upstream from the river mouth, you can see thousands of salmon jumping in the water in fall.

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Yoichi-cho, Yoichi-gun, Hokkaido 046-0000
The Yoichi River

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