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宗谷岬 Souya-misaki Cape Soya

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Cape Soya in Wakkanai City is the northernmost point of Japan. It is located at 45°31’ N, where the monument of the Northernmost Point of Japan is erected. This triangular piramid monument was designed in the motif of North Star as the symbol of the northern country. Its acute angle in the flame of sunset touches the heart of many travelers who are lured to visit this place by the fascinating image of the word “the northernmost point.”

As the walking trail is provided, visitors can walk around the cape while viewing cows leisurly grazing in the pastureland. On a fine day, you can see Sakhalin Island only 43 km away on the horizon. Thinking that it’s a foreign island, you will realize you are standing at the very end of the country.

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Soya-misaki, Wakkanai, Hokkaido 098-6758
Cape Soya

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