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武雄の荒踊り Takeono-araodori The Wild Dance of Takeono

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The Wild Dance of Takeono is usually performed  during the autumn equinox in Takeono district, Saga Prefecture. In the dance, men dressed in colorful costumes and katana swords perform with heroism and dignity. There are different stories about the origin of the dance, although it is generally believed to have begun with the soldiers of Junaki Goto. In 1530, soldiers of the lord of Takeono, Junaki Goto, danced following the victory against the Shimahara No Arima. Another legend has it that the lord of the district called fleeing Heike warriors to dance in the houses of his people in  rain-making rituals. There are three types of dances in Takeono, each belonging to different areas. First the Nakano area  specializes in the smooth movement of hands. Next the Kose and Udote area’s dances are more powerful and with a style more similar to martial arts. The Wild Dance of Takeono has been designated as a significant intangible folk cultural asset for its powerful and nimble movements and emotional lyrics.

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Nakano 2, Asahicho, Takeo, Saga Prefecture
The Wild Dance of Takeono

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