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樽前山 Tarumaezan Mt. Tarumae

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Mt. Tarumae is a 1,041 metre active volcano located to the southeast of Lake Shikotsu, a part of Shikotsu-Toya National Park in Hokkaido. The name “Tarumae” derives from “taor-oma-i,” meaning “a hill on the riverbank” in the Ainu language.

It is a post-caldera volcano formed in the southeastern rim of Shikotsu Caldera by the major eruption about 40,000 years ago. It had erupted several times in the prehistoric periods. Several other eruptions occurred from the Edo through Meiji periods. It also had a minor eruption in 1981.

Mt. Tarumae is a three-staged complex volcano, which is rare worldwide. In 1909, a lava dome was formed to cover the volcanic cone in the center of the flat caldera with 1.2 km diameter in north-south direction and 1.5 km in east-west direction. This lava dome is designated as Hokkaido’s Special Natural Monument “Mt. Tarumae Lava Dome.”

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Chitose / Tomakomai, Hokkaido
Mt. Tarumae

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