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塩塚高原 Siozuka-kougen Shiozuka Plateau

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Shiozuka Plateau is a 100ha wide plateau that spreads out high up at an elevation of 1,043m in the Shiozuka peaks. It is located between the towns of Miyoshi in Tokushima Prefecture and Shikokuchuo in Ehime Prefecture.To the west, lies the Kirino plateau near Shikokucho.Until quite recently, the local farmers utilized Shiozuka Pplateau as a place to gather a wild plant called kayagoe, which is used as a kind of fertilizer. To maintain the high quality of the kayagoe, open burnings are still done today. This area is one of a rare type of Satoyama (a hill connected to people’s everyday life) associated with tourism.The place is famous for open burnings in the spring, as well as paragliding, hang gilding, cycling, camping, silver grass and full moon parties over the summer and into the autumn.The plateau has been selected as one of Tokushima’s 88 views by the Tokushima prefectural tourist association and the Tokushima Shinbunsha.The plateau is like  a paradise where the great natural surroundings of the mountains and leisure and outdoor activities can be enjoyed.

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205 Tairano, Yamashiro-cho, Miyoshi, Tokushima Prefecture, 779-5337
Shiozuka Highlands Campground

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