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京漆器 Kyoshikki Kyoshikki (Kyoto lacquerware)

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Shikki (lacquerware) is a traditional Japanese craftwork where layers of lacquer are coated carefully on to a vessel or artifact. There are many aficionados who collect  Kyoshikki (Kyoto lacquerware) for its high quality and the beauty of what the Japanese call wabi and sabi that the craft embodies. Kyoshikki has several characteristics, such as the elegant and sophisticated design accompanied with solidness, and a structural beauty both on the surface and in the round, and the fine look of the completed product. Today, it is not used for the household, but more as a luxury item used mainly in tea ceremonies.Its history goes back to the Nara period. Influenced by Tang China, new techniques had been devised using the technique of maki-e (in which gold and silver powder is sprinkled on before coating with lacquer). When the Heian court established its capital on the site of present-day Kyoto, the art of lacquerware continued to developed there. After the Muromachi period, Kyoshikki spread out as the practice of tea parties became morepopular in Kyoto. Kyoto achieved nationwide recognition as the center of the lacquer industry. The motivating force for this recognition was the work and techniques that a number of masters, such as Korin Ogata and Kouetsu Honami, had developed, and the high quality and artistry that the skilled hands had created.

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