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Lake Onneto is located near Lake Akan at the foot of Mt. Akan Fuji. The word “onne” means “old and “to” means “a lake or a pond” in the Ainu language. Lake Onneto lies in the deep forest in Akan National Park. It is a dammed lake due to the eruption of Mt. Meakandake. Lake Onneto is counted as one of the 3 mysterious lakes in Hokkaido; others are Lake Okotanpe and Lake Shinonome. This mysterious lake is called “Goshiki-numa (five-colored-lake)” because the hue of the lake surface varies delicately with seasons or weather, or even with the time of the day. At one time, it looks bright emerald green, and at another, deep cobalt blue. As it looks different in color according to the viewing point, it will be pleasant to walk along the promenade seeking for your favorite color. Walk leisurely to enjoy the changes in color while viewing Mt. Akan reflected on the water surface. What a gorgeous day it will be!

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Ashoro-cho, Ashoro-gun, Hokkaodo 089-3701
Lake Onneto

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