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華月館 Kagetsu-kan Kagetsukan Guesthouse

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Kagetsukan Guesthouse is a designated cultural property of Takikawa City in Hokkaido. It was originally constructed in 1897 as an office building of the Hokkaido branch office of Imperial Household Agency. Then in the early Taisho period (1912-1926), a Japanese inn Miuraya bought it from the government and built an annex building in the Japanese style, which resulted in this unique half-Western and half-Japanese style building. It was used as VIP rooms, where a lot of eminent people from various fields stayed.

When Miuraya planned to make further addition and betterment in the 90th anniversary year in 1980, the building was donated to the city. The city government designated it as a cultural property and named it Kagetsukan.

You will be impressed by the stateliness and magnificence of the high-class residence in the periods from Meiji to Taisho. The things pertaining to the eminent guests who stayed here are displayed inside the building. You can enjoy the gorgeous atmosphere of the Taisho Roman world.

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1-1-19 Bunkyo-cho, Takikawa, Hokkaido 073-0014
Kagetsukan Guesthouse

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