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厚田川 Atsuta-gawa The Atsuta River

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The Atsuta River is a 30 km clear stream running through the Atsuta district in Ishikari City, Hokkaido. Flowing out of the Mashike mountains, the watershed areas are blessed with bountiful nature. In the upstream area, a beautiful gorge continues along the gentle stream.

The river is famous for salmon swimming up in the clear water. From September through October, when the leaves of the trees lining the gorge turn red and yellow, you can see a lot of salmon swaying their bodies and swimming near the surface of the river.

The river is also a famous canoeing spot. A lot of people stay at the nearby camping site and come to enjoy canoeing in this river. People enjoy going down the river, while salmon go up the river to produce new life.

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Atsuta, Atsuta-ku, Ishikari, Hokkaido 061-3601
The Atsuta River

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