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伊万里トンテントン Imari-tontenton Imari Tontenton Festival

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Imari Tontenton is a festival that takes place at Imari-jinja Shrine in Imari, Saga Prefecture, every year from October 22nd through 24th.  
It is a Shinkousai festival with a procession of portable shrines, also known as Imari Kunchi. The festival is one of the Three Great Battle-style Festivals in Japan.
During the festival, several locations in the city are turned into battle grounds, thus turning the whole city of Imari into the festival venue, and the sounds of drums beating can be heard throughout the city.
After the solemn processions of a white and a red portable shrine there follows Aramikoshi portable shrine and Danjiri portable shrine both of which are carried by young local men wearing uniformed happi, or festival coat, and headband. Upon the signal of a drum beat sounding “ton ten ton”, the two portable shrines crash into each other. This battle festival is so fierce and such bravery is exhibited by the participants that it is unique in the nation.
The climax of the event comes when the two shrines continue their battle as they tumble into the nearby river, the victor later merging from the river after more battle
Iimari Tontenton Festival is a valiant and spectacular traditional festival.

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Imari, Saga Prefecture 848-0000
Imari Tontenton Festival

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