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お取越と植木市 Otorikoshi-to-Ueki-ichi Otorikoshi Service and the Plant Fair

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Otorikoshi Service and the Plant Fair are the events held at Sanjo Betsuin in Honcho, Sanjo City, Niigata Pref. from November 5-8 every year. Sanjo Betsuin was established as a Betsuin (a branch temple) of Higashi Honganji, the head temple of Jodo Shin-shu Otani School, in 1690 to supervise all the Shin-shu temples located to the north of Yoneyama town (presently Kashiwazaki City, Niigata Pref.). Since then it has been called “Gobo-sama (sacred monk)” and respected by the local people. Otorikoshi Service, or formally called “Ho-on-ko Ohikiage-e” Service is dedicated in memory of Shinran Shonin, the founder of Shin-shu. Otorikoshi service, which is held at every Shin-shu temple all over the country in advance of Shinran Shonin Memorial Day, is the most important service for the believers of Jodo Shin-shu. During this period, the Plant Fair is also held along the main approach and in the area near the temple. A lot of visitors from all over the prefecture come to buy young or potted flowering plants, young fruit trees, or garden plants. Otorikoshi Service and the Plant Fair are the events that are indispensable for the autumnal season in the city of Sanjo.

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2-1-57 Hon-cho, Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture 955-0071
Otorikoshi Service and the Plant Fair

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