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一迫町鹿踊 Ichihazama-chou-shishi-odori Ichihasama Shishi-Odori (Deer Dance)

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Ichihasama Shishi-Odori is a traditional performing art handed down for over 530 years in Ichihasama-Masaka, Kurihara City, Miyagi Pref. This dance is performed as a ritual to keep evil spirits away and pray for the repose of ancestors’ souls.  Every July, the dancers wearing deer masks dance widely to act out male and female deer confirming each others’ affection. Legend has it that once upon a time when Date Masamune ruled this province, a local hunter went hunting in Mt. Iwakura and saw a herd of deer dancing in a very amusing way while beating on their bellies. It looked so amusing that he was inspired to create his own deer dance later. This traditional dance performance is a designated intangible folk cultural property of Miyagi Pref.

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Ichihasama-Masaka, Kurihara, Miyagi Prefecture 987-2308
Ichihasama Shishi-Odori (Deer Dance)

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