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色麻大滝 Shikama-ootaki The Shikama Otaki Waterfall

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The Shikama Otaki Waterfall is on the Hono River running through Mt. Funagatayama at the center of Funagata Renpo (the Funagata Mountain Range) Prefectural Natural Park in the border of Miyagi and Yamagata Prefectures.

The area is a part of the Ou Mountains. Mt. Funagatayama (Boat-shaped Mountain) was named so, because its summit looks like a boat placed upside down. The mountain is also called Mt. Goshosan in Yamagata Prefecture.

The Shikama Otaki Waterfall is usually a quiet and gentle two-staged waterfall. The water in the upper stage flows down onto the protruding rock, from which it flows down again into the river. When the water volume increases in the snow melting season in spring, it changes into a dynamic straight cataract without forming two stages.

The observatory and the promenade are set out near the waterfall. You can take a close look at the waterfall by going down the promenade. In fall, you can enjoy viewing the wonderful scenery of the white silky flow of the water against red and yellow autumn leaves from the observatory.

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Aza-Ofunagatayama, Koguriyama, Shikama-machi, Kami-gun, Miyagi Prefecture 981-4151
The Shikama Otaki Waterfall

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