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幸田町 不動ヶ滝 Kouta-cho Fudou-ga-taki The Fudogataki Waterfall in Koda Town

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The Fudogataki Waterfall in Fudogataki-en Park in Koda Town, Aichi Prefecture, is an artificial waterfall with a height of 6 m and a width of 5 m. The park is a part of Mikawa Bay Quasi-National Park.

Clear stream that springs out of Mt. Tobone flows down gently over an artificial stone wall built in the park. Though the water volume is small, water is cold even in summer and provides a fine and safe bathing pond for children.

Surrounded with fresh green trees, Fudogataki-en Park is designed to utilize natural land features. As the park is equipped with a camping site for 60 people, cooking facilities, kiosks and picnic shelters, visitors can fully enjoy various outdoor activities. The Waterfall Festival is held in July every year.

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Ogi, Tobone, Koda-cho, Nukada-gun, Aichi Prefecture 444-0115
The Fudogataki Waterfall in Koda Town

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