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福林寺 Fukurin-ji Fukurinji Temple

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Fukurinji Temple located beside the east end of the Biwako Ohashi Bridge in the outskirts of Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture, was founded by the priest Saicho, the founder of the Tendai sect of Buddhism, in the Heian period (794-1192). It is the 4th temple of Kokoku Holy Places of Juichimen Kannon.

The principal object of worship, the statue of Juichimen Kannon (11-Headed Kannon), is about 1.8 m tall wooden and colored secret Buddha. With the moonlight-shaped halo on its back, it stands on the five-colored lotus base. Its slender and tall shape with plump cheeks, round shoulders and breasts and beautiful garment lines is often compared to a noble person of the Tenpyo culture. It is designated as a national Important Cultural Property.

The two stone pagodas on the right side of the precinct were dedicated by Sasaki Takatsuna, a Kamakura-period warrior born in this town. These pagodas are though to be the Sutra pagodas and also designated as a national Important Cultural Property. The both pagodas have kosama (a decorative motif which is curved like a bowl at the base) on the four sides. Standing for 800 years, the statues of Buddha carved on one side have become dim and the finial at the top are missing.

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2011 Konohama-cho, Moriyama, Shiga Prefecture 524-0104
Fukurinji Temple

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