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鬼室神社 Kishitsu-jinja Kishitsu Shrine

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Kishitsu Shrine in Hino Town in Shiga Prefecture is an old shrine enshrining Gwisil Jipsa (Japanese: Kishitsu Shushi), an exiled nobleman from Paekche.

Gwisil Jipsa was the son of Gwisil Boksin (Japanese: Kishitsu Fukushin), a general of Paekche. When Paekche fell in 660, his father tried to save the nation by raising an army, but the restoration movement was besieged by the Silla-Tang allied forces. Gwisil Jipsa migrated to Japan with 700 men and women and settled in Hino Town. It is said that he was a person of culture.

Being called Fudo-do, the shrine had functioned and had been worshipped as the shrine guarding the west direction of the village until the Edo period (1603-1868). The festivals and rituals of the shrine had been performed by Muroto-kabu, the Miyaza (a specially empowered village guild concerning with shrine festivities) of the village.

In 1429, the shrine pavillion was constructed and it was named Kishitsu Shrine in honor of Gwisil Jipsa, for it is thought that Jipsa was buried in the stone chamber in back of the main hall of the shrine.

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Ono, Hino-cho, Gamo-gun, Shiga Prefecture 529-1615
Kishitsu Shrine

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