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Hime Temari ball (Japanese cotton-wound ball) is a traditional craft product of Matsuyama City, Ehime Pref. There is a tradition that a bride takes this ball along when she moves into the groom’s house as a symbol of amicable settlement (maruku osamaru) or healthy growth of a child (marumaru sodatsu) because a Japanese word maru means an orbicular shape. It is also believed to bring in luck, so there is a custom to add up a new one at New Year’s. Woven with colorful and shiny thread, the elegant and beautiful Hime Temari ball is loved by the people not only in Japan but also from abroad, to whom it is known as a “diamond ball.” It is preferred as a Christmas ornament, too. Each ball is carefully crafted by hand, in the hope that every owner of this ball may be happy.

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Matsuyama-shi, Ehime
Ehime Product Association

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