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福島 まさる Fukusima Masaru Fukushima Masaru

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Masaru is an indispensable lucky charm bow toy for New Year’s celebrations in the Fukushima region. At the top of a bamboo stick is a flag inscribed with the words “Good Fortune”.   Attached to a hair-string is an unglazed earthenware bell with white rabbit hari on top. When the bell is released from the top of the string, it comes down swinging and making simple yet delightful sound.
  At the end of the year, people place this Masaru toy at their household altar, believing it will bring prosperity in business and a rich harvest.  From the end of one year to the beginning of the next, major business streets all over Fukushima Prefecture are filled with music and  the accompanying calls of “ kyonen ni masaru, fuku masaru, kawansho, kawansho (this new year will be even better than last year, bringing more prosperity.   Why don’t you buy?  Why don’t you buy?)”. Masaru is a boy’s name and it also means to excel or to be superior.  This is why it is associated with the idea of a better year and more prosperity.  Masaru also can mean “drive away evil spirits” when it is written with different kanji or Chinese characters.  The rabbit hair is said to be associated with “profits”.
At major ceremonies in main shrines and temples such as a year-end fair at the Fukushima Inari Shrine, Juusan Mairi (visit to celebrate being 13 years old), at Kuroiwakokuzouson Mangan-ji Temple and for Dawn Prayer on New Year’s day at Mt. Shinobu Haguroyama Shrine, visitors flock to buy Masaru toys for New Year’s luck.  The streets are filled with the pleasant sound of the Masaru bells.

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Date, Fukushima Prefecture
Fukushima Masaru

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