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名古屋桐箪笥 Nagoya-kiritansu Nagoya Paulowina Chests

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Nagoya Paulowina Chest manufactured in Aichi Pref. is designated as Traditional Craft Product. The making of this woodwork started about 400 years ago, when carpenters were gathered from all over the country to build Nagoya Castle. After the construction the workmen settled down in the castle town of Nagoya and started to make chests and nagamochi (Japanese trunk). In the Edo period, the culture of Owari clan, which controlled this area, was flourishing and commoners could afford to obtain expensive kimono made of silk fabric, which had been produced actively in this area. Accordingly the demand for the furniture to store clothing rapidly increased and the techniques in making wooden products including chests developed. As the trees to be made into expensive timber called “Kiso wood” grew in abundance in adjacent Kiso district, wooden products were actively produced in Nagoya and became known to all over the nation. The handmade techniques have been handed down for a long time and presently Nobori-dansu (a large-sized chest with sliding doors), Nakabiraki-dansu (with hinged door), and Isho-dance (clothing chest) are mainly produced.

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