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頼久寺庭園 Raikyuji-teien Raikyuji Garden

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Raikyuji is a Zen temple that was established by Ashikaga Takauji in 1339. Its garden is especially famous and was designed by Kobori Enshu, a great tea master. It is a representative Japanese Zen garden that was built in the early Edo period.

From the temple, Mt Atago can be viewed in the distance as a 'borrowed view' beyond the garden. In the center of the raked gravel, there are two artificial rock islands called Tsuru Island and Kame Island. Both of them are surrounded by shaped azalea topiary ('okarikomi'), which is arranged along small artificial hills. This form was also used to illustrate the 'Seigaiha' (one form of Gagaku).

The garden has a graceful atmosphere and, in 1974, was designated as a Japanese beauty spot.
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北畠神社庭園 紅葉 Kitabatake-jinjya-teien Momiji Red Leaves in Kitabatake Shrine Garden

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Kitabatake Shrine Garden is remembered for its connection with the Kitabatake family, and is designated as a National Historical Site. In the fall, turning red leaves harmonize with the garden, acting as a gorgeous seasonal showcase. Kitabatake Shrine Garden is one of three major gardens in Japan designed by military leaders, and was created by Hosokawa Takakuni in 1530.

The total area of the garden is about 3.306m2. It is a Buke-shoin style garden and you can enjoy the view of a pond or fountain from the main shrine building.

The shrine was established in Tsu, Mie prefecture, in 1643 and is dedicated to Kitabatake Akiyoshi, who is enshrined as a deity here. It is one of 15 shrines of Kenbu-chuko.

Apart from the fall leaves, other sights here include a dry garden and an intricate pond. The garden has made use of natural landforms and is called Muromachi Garden.

This wild garden expresses the aesthetic sense of a local ruling family at that time and reminds you of the old days. In fact, the views today are unchanged from the past, especially that of the red leaves.
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