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神爾の滝 Shinji-no-taki The Shinji Falls

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The Shinji Falls is the generic name for the six waterfalls located in the mid-stream area of the river flowing through Shinji Valley in Kitahira in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture. The word “shinji” means the Three Sacred Treasure (the Imperial Regalia of Japan), consisting of the sword, the mirror and the jewel, which have been handed down as the symbol of the Imperial succession.

It is not clear why the falls were named so, but their shapes and brilliance in the sunbeams streaming through the leaves of trees do give a divine impression.

Each of the six waterfalls has a distinctive flow. Metaki (the Female Waterfall) is a 13 m tall and 1 m wide straight waterfall. The Second Waterfall is a 13 m tall two-staged waterfall, the lower stage of which is divided into two flows. The Third Waterfall is a 5 m tall and 2 m wide straight waterfall, Otaki (the Male Waterfall) is an 18 m tall and 8 m wide plunge-typed waterfall, the Fifth is 6 m tall and the Sixth is a 12 tall three-staged waterfall.

Of the 6 waterfalls, only Otaki is safely accessible. You can go down to the basin of the dynamic flow and enjoy cool splashes of water in summer.

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Kitahira, Otsu, Shiga Prefecture 520-0503
The Shinji Falls

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