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Nihonkoba is the 934 meter high mountain in Eigenji-Takano Town in Higashiomi City, Shiga Prefecture. Located to the north of Eigenji Dam, it is the highest point of the long mountain ridge that separates the dam area from the plain on the eastern side of Lake Biwa and continues to the Suzuka Mountain Range.

The name “koba” means “a lumberyard” and it is said that, as its summit commands a wonderful view of Lake Biwa, it was named “Nihonkoba” meaning “Japan’s No.1 lumberyard.” Its extraordinarily flat summit is very impressive.

Located far away from the main peaks of the Suzuka Mountain Range, there are few climbers seen in this mountain, so it is very suitable for one who prefers tranquil atmosphere. The summit is a flat open space where 30 to 40 people can take a rest. It commands a fine view of the Suzuka Mountains including Ryozendake, Oikedake and Fujiwaradake.

Other places of interest include the wide gully of Fujikawa, a wetland and Kijin-no-iwaya (Eccentric’s Cave).

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Eigenji Takano-cho, Higashiomi, Shiga Prefecture 527-0212

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