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三ケ所神社例大祭 Sangasho-jinja-reitai-sai Sangasho Shrine Annual Festival

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Sangasho Shrine Annual Festival is held at Sangasho Shrine in Gokase-cho, Miyazaki Pref. This historic shrine was founded in the Shotai era (898-901). The main hall is all made of zelkova tree and the excellent Nagare-zukuri style is employed there. It enshrines the deities of Izanagi and Izanami. The annual festival is held on the last Saturday of September every year. The Araodori Dance performed in the precinct by men in warrior costume is a traditional performing art with a history of 400 years. The dance is composed of the two parts; the gallant dance in line and the elegant one in circle. Together with the annual festival at Chunobori Shrine on the next day, the two festivals are the most famous festivals in Gokase-cho.

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Miyanohara, Sankasho, Gokase-cho, Nishi-Usuki-gun, Miyazaki Prefecture 882-1203
Sangasho Shrine Annual Festival

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