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黒森山 Kuromoriyama Mt. Kuromori

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Although there are as many as twelve mountains bearing the name of Mt. Kuromori in Iwate Prefecture, the most famous is the one rising in the border of Morioka City and Shiwa Town. It is 837 m above sea level. Together with Mt. Asashima and Mt. Onigase, it is one of the three finest mountains in the Ogayu area, which prospered as the production center of gold during the reign of the Nanbu domain.

The mountain top is covered with red pine trees, while larch trees are growing along the forest road. They are planted after the trees were cut down for the road construction.

Although not visited by a lot of climbers, the mountain top commands a magnificent view of surrounding mountains, which include Mt. Iwate and the streets of Morioka in the north, the mountains of Kuzakai Highland and the Hayachine Mountain Range in the east, and Mt. Asashima in the close west, beyond which the mountains surrounding the Kitakami Plain, and the Ou Mountain Range in the far west.

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Morioka, Iwate Prefecture 020-0000
Mt. Kuromori

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