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黄金崎公園 Koganezaki-kouen Koganezaki Park

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Cape Koganezaki in Ugusu in Nishiizu Town, Shizuoka Prefecture、is known for its magnificent view of the ocean and the beautiful sunset. The cliffs shine gold at the sunset because weathered andesite was uniquely altered into yellowish brown propylite, which is prefecturally designated as a natural monument.

The whole part of the cape is designated as a public park named Koganezaki Park, where the promenade, the turf field and the observatory are set out among naturally grown pine trees. In Collection Garden, which is a 17 hectare botanical garden, visitors can enjoy viewing various flowers from spring through fall.  

From the middle of February to the beginning of April, as many as 15 species of cherry trees come into bloom. Koganezaki Cherry Festival is held on the 1st Sunday every year.

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3566-7 Ugusu, Nishiizu-cho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture 410-3501
Koganezaki Park

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