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鵜の巣断崖 U-no-su-dangai Unosu Cliff

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Walking past the red pine grove, you will marvel at the exquisite view of the Rikuchu Ria Coast. Unosu Dangai, or Seagull Nesting Cliff, where 5 columns of 200-meter high and 4-km long precipices layer with one another, is a raised beach that is typical to the Rikuchu Kaigan Coast. Below you, you can see the nests of Japanese cormorants and seahawks on the cliff face. From the observatory, you can command a panoramic view of the whole cliff like a huge Japanese folding screen. The sea that changes colors depending the time of the day is especially beautiful. You can follow a promenade along the coast to Shimanokoshi.

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Makisawa, Tanohata-mura, Shimohei-gun, Iwate Prefecture, Japan 028-8405
Unosu Cliff

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