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ウィンドウディスプレイプロジェクト「dunhill Scope」 Uindou-dispurei-purojekuto「danhiru sukopu」 Window Display Project at Dunhill Scope

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A one-year window display project was carried out at the gallery space “Dunhill Scope” of Dunhill Omotesando Boutique in 2006. The exhibition concept was created by Director Kenichi Otani and the whole project was managed by t.c.k.w. Inc. (represented by Yudai Tachikawa), which is known for its activities of introducing excellent craft techniques to architectures and designers. The photo on the left shows the work created with “Hanami (cherry blossom seeing) as the theme. The creator, having received the idea from Origami, used the objet d'art of cherry blossoms. Beautiful flowers and a cute bicycle create a unique and delicate visuality. The work on the upper right is entitled “Sewing the World,” expressing worldwide Dunhill shops, which continue activities to attach importance on tradition and concepts. Numerous colorful lines link the places on the world map made of various materials. Bright colors and a variety of materials represent nationality of each country. This beautiful work gives us a strong impression. (Produced and designed by Kenichi Otani, Promoted by ubushina and Yudai Tachikawa)

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Suzuki Bldg. B1, 4-13-9 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0047
t.c.k.w inc.

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