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名取美和 NatoriMiwa Miwa Natori

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Born in Tokyo. Miwa Natori went to Germany age sixteen and studied commercial design there. After returning to Japan, she worked in the magazine fields of editing and advertising production. She went to Europe later again and worked as a designer, coordinator for a film production company and translator. When she came back to Japan, she ran an antique store in Tokyo specializing in western goods. Then, she moved to Thailand, where in 1997 she founded a “Ban Romu Sai”, a home for children who lost their parents to HIV and are infected with the virus themselves. The home produces original products for sale and Ms Natori manages the production and marketing as well as working as a designer. The products are now available on their web site and began to be sold at selected retail outlets in Japan. Since 2001, an exhibition called “Under the Tree” is held every year and exhibits work by the children in the home. In March 2007, she opened the first direct store “Ban Ronmu Sai Kamakura”.


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Miwa Natori

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"Nippon-kichi" leads you to places, people and things that reveal a certain Japanese aesthetic.

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