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三百田氏住宅 Sanbyakudashi-jutaku The Old House of the Sanbyakuda Family

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The old house of the Sanbyakuda family in Wakasa Kyodo-Bunka-no-Sato Park in Tottori Prefecture was a house of a village head, the Sanbyakuda family. It was originally located in the village of Yoshikawa in Wakasa Town but was relocated to and reproduced in this park. The old record shows that the house was constructed in 1694 and it took 819 workers more than one year to complete the construction.

The house is built in the Irimoya-zukuri style with a thatched roof with 7.5 bays wide and 4 bays deep, which was typical to the Inaba area (present-day the eastern part of Tottori Prefecture). It has three rooms, each of which faces the doma (earth floor) space.

Highly elaborate techniques such as the planer finish on the surface of the pillars indicate that the house was built by the carpenter specialized in building temples and shrines in Banshu area (present-day the southern part of Hyogo Prefecture).

Local lumbers were processed to be used for the main beams and sleepers under the floor. The wooden ornament added to the ridge of the thatched roof, which is typical to the old houses in the Chugoku region, gives a stately impression, which is befitting to the village head.

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Yadora, Wakasa-cho, Yazu-gun,Tottori Prefecture, Japan
The Old House of the Sanbyakuda Family

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